Here are some great reasons to join the club:

Club membership annual dues are:

  • Individual $25
  • Individual Active Military $20
  • Family (up to 7 members) $35
  • Active Military Family (up to 7 members) $30

Memberships run from January 1 through December 31.

Online Registration

You may join or renew your Running Club membership at Chronotrack. Join Now at our 2018 membership web site.

Mail In Registration

We understand that some runners who wish to join or renew their club membership are not able to access the internet or use the membership web site. For those people we still have the paper membership application/renewal form. However, we strongly encourage people to use the internet membership web site if at all possible. It cuts down on the work needed to manage club membership which is done by volunteers. See the link below to download the 2018 club membership form. Fill out the form and mail it to the club post office box listed on the form. Don't forget to sign the waiver and include a check. The form can be printed 2 sided or stapled together.

Download paper 2018 membership application

Membership Questions

If you have questions or comments regarding running club membership please, send an email to the following address: