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Anchorage Running Club 2007 Scholarships
Article by Bonnie Swanson

The Anchorage Running Club’s scholarship committee has selected two high school student runners to receive $1500 scholarships this year. Both recipients exemplify ARC’s high standards for selection.

Jacqueline HoltJacqueline (Jackie) Holt, a senior at Service, is an accomplished and dedicated runner. In addition to actively participating at the varsity level in both track and field and cross-country throughout high school, she also was chosen to be a member of Team Alaska, given an “outstanding performance” commendation at the Western Region Foot Locker Championships, and has participated in the Tuesday Night Race Series and the Anchorage Heart Run.

During her senior year, she was voted captain of the cross-country team and “most valuable” runner. Her other rather eclectic interests include flying (she is in the process of obtaining her pilot’s license), soccer, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, seakayaking, sailing, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, and mountain biking. She has donated hundreds of hours to a number of worthy causes and clubs, including the Z-club, Change of Heart, Girl Scouts of America, local elementary schools, the National Honor Society, and the Pioneer Community Development, a project for which she worked with a neighborhood organization to create a much-needed park. In addition, her academic qualifications are stellar, and she ranks #1 in her class.

Karl WichorekThe other senior runner chosen to receive a scholarship is equally well-qualified. Karl Wichorek is not just remarkably gifted in academics, music and sports, but also is clearly committed to using his prodigious talents and leadership abilities to improving our community. He is #1 in his class at West High School, and his SAT scores place him in the top 3% of college bound seniors in the nation. He was selected to be team captain of the Cross Country Running Team in both his junior and senior years of high school, a rare honor. In 2003 he received the Prefontaine Award for “commitment, dedication, and inspiration” to the West High running team.

In addition to running for West, he also has volunteered at aid stations for community races for at least the past 4 years. He has participated in and often received awards and honors for a wide variety of activities in addition to running, including Drama, Debate, and Forensics, baseball, West and All State Honor Band, the National Honor Society, and the Gifted Mentorship Program.

Outside of school, he has been an active volunteer for political campaigns, the St Francis House, and Little League as an assistant coach and umpire. As a junior, he worked as an intern in the Mayor’s office; while there, he helped create and organize the “Healthy Heroes” project, an educational project designed to provide healthy athletic role models for Alaskan youth. As a senior, while playing the trumpet for elementary students during an after school program, he noticed their positive responses his playing. He decided he wanted to create more opportunities for disadvantaged kids to be exposed to the benefits of music, and created and organized the ongoing “After School Concert Series”, in which local musicians and bands donate their musical talents and provide concerts to Mountain View students weekly throughout the school year.

The Anchorage Running Club is proud to support young men and women such as Karl and Jackie.


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