Zombie Half Marathon Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be bib pickup on race day? Yes, you can pick up your bib at Goose Lake Park before the start of the race.

Is there a shuttle to take racers from the finish line back to the start? No there is no shuttle.

Is there a bag drop at the start line? Yes.

Is there a running restriction for walkers? Can a walker who starts at 9:00 AM jog part of the course?   There are no restrictions on walkers.  If a walker wants to jog a bit that should be fine.  However, if you plan to run most of the course you should start with the runners, not the walkers. There will be plenty of time to get to the finish line before it closes. If you start running at 9:00 AM you will most likely arrive at the aid stations before they are open and at the finish line before the timing equipment is set up to record your finish time.

Are strollers allowed on the course? Yes. Strollers and baby joggers are allowed on the course with the following restrictions: Participants running with strollers and baby joggers must

  • start at the back.
  • give way to all runners
  • NOT race (keep your pace to an easy jog. No passing runners or making mad dashes to the finish line etc.)

Are there T-shirts for this years Zombie race?  Yes. There will be T-shirts for the first 800 runners to cross the finish line.

Are there medals for this years Zombie race? Yes. There will be medals for the first 700 runners to cross the finish line.

Is the Zombie Half Marathon a Sleeping Lady Chalenge Event? Yes it is. Visit the Sleeping Lady Challenge page for more info.

Are there water stations along the way.  Yes, there will be water at Westchester Lagoon, approximately mile 4, and another at Point Woronzof, approximately mile 8. Runners should bring their own nutritional supplements.

How can I get a refund? I registered for the race and just found out I won't be able to participate.  Race entry fees are not refundable and not transferable. 

How long do I have to complete the run? For walkers 4 hours, runners 3 hours. Race timing will end at 1:00 PM.  

 I will be out of town during the bib pickup. Can a friend or family member pick up my bib for me? Yes. There is also race day bib pick up at Goose Lake.

Do Anchorage Running Club members receive a discount on the entry fee? Yes, club members receive a $5.00 discount. During registration you will be asked for the discount code. Note that the day of race entry fee is $60 and there is no discount given to club members who wait until raceday to sign up.

Can I register on race day? Yes. The cost to enter will be higher for runners who wait until race day to enter.

I want to run with my kids on the kids run but was unable to register on the web site. Will I be able to run with them? Yes. You don't have to register but you should sign a waver at the registration desk when you arrive at Kincaid park on race day.

Is the half marathon timed? Yes. There will be chip timing using the Chronotrack system.

Can I bring my dog to run with me? No. Pets are not allowed at any ARC event including the Zombie Half-Marathon.

Where should I park my car? Parking is limited at Goose Lake.  Runners are encouraged to park at Kincaid Park and car pool to the start line or to park at one of the UAA parking lots.  Parking permits are not required to park at UAA on weekends.  Just be sure to avoid parking in a reserved or special space.  If you do park at Goose Lake please be aware of the NO PARKING signs along the  driveway from UAA Drive into the Goose Lake parking lot.  Drivers who ignore the no parking signs run the risk of being ticketed and/or towed.