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2017 ARC Scholarship Recipients

The Anchorage Running Club is pleased to announce the following running scholars as recipients of the 2017 scholarships:

  • Magaret Pickett  West Anchorage High School                  
  • Ashlyn Johnson   East Anchorage High School                 
  • Joseph Aist         Service High School                     
  • Joaquin Monterrosa  West Anchorage High School



Trent/Waldron Glacier Half Marathon and Pulsator 10K


2017 TWGHM Early Start
  • 2017 TWGHM Early Start
  • 2017 TWGHM Start
  • 2017 Pulsator 10K Start


Race Results

Results for TWGHM 2017 Races |ChronoTrack|


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Sleeping Lady Challenge

Anchorage Running Club is excited to introduce the Sleeping Lady Challenge and offer a unique medal as a reward for successful completion.  The Sleeping Lady Challenge is an opportunity to earn recognition for completing multiple Anchorage Running Club events in 2017.  This exciting new challenge and medal offers the chance to mark accomplishments and commemorate your hard work and dedication.

The Sleeping Lady Challenge Medal is awarded to runners who participate in three of the four ARC race events in a year.  The eligible race events are:

Runners who complete the Sleeping Lady Challenge will receive their medal 4-6 weeks after the Zombie Half Marathon and an e-mail with details regarding medal pickup. 

Be sure to register using the same first and last name, address, and date of birth for all events. If your records don’t match, you may not receive your medal!

On line registration is available for all of the qualifying events at the following links:

Visit the indvidual event web pages from the Events submenu above for more information on each race..

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