Anchorage Running Club Board of Directors Election 2022 Candidate Biographies (Alphabetic Order)

Neil Lamothe

Hello my name in Neil Lamothe and I am running to be a board member for the Anchorage Running Club. I have served on the board and would like to be reelected to the board again. I have been involved in running for many years as a competitor, volunteer and helping to put on races with Skinny Raven and the ARC. And yes, I am that guy on the hill helping run everyone up the hill at the Her Tern Half. I think I bring a lot of experience in this respect that would be beneficial to the board. I would like to help grow our membership and encourage our youth to get involved in running. I want to continue the ARC's mission to give back to the community. I would also like to see the scholarship program continue to grow. If elected I will continue to be an ambassador for running in Alaska

Jennifer Schmidt

My name is Jennifer Schmidt and I have lived in Alaska for nearly 20 years having first lived in Fairbanks and Anchorage since 2015. My experience with running started by training for the Grandma's marathon, in Duluth, Minnesota just before heading north. Since moving to Anchorage I have become more involved in the running community by participating in races of various lengths, volunteering at events, and attending the Anchorage Running Club on Sundays. I also am active in bicycling and triathlon communities where I interact with a wide variety of athletes from around Alaska. As a board member I would bring firsthand experience as an average running, typical racer, and hardworking volunteer. Given my connections with other events I can facilitate cross-sports communication that could be helpful for scheduling events, getting ideas for events and advertising, and recruiting new runners to the Anchorage Running Club. It would be my honor to serve the Anchorage Running Club board and thank you for your consideration.

Eric Wuttke

My running career began in the 70s in American Samoa. I participated in cross-country running in High School. After University I re-entered running to keep in shape and enjoy time in the outdoors and started racing again in my 40s. Since my children's ascension to middle and high school and their enrollment in cross-country running as a sport, I have enjoyed a renewed interest in greater participation, as well as Anchorage Running Club social running group.

The Runfest and Zombie events have become a family tradition in the last few years and the kids also enjoy attending all of the Anchorage Running club events, it has turned into something for the family to do together. I am an RRCA certified running coach, having completed the course in October 2021 online with the Alaska and Hawaii Virtual Cohort and it was a fascinating view into the coaching approaches of the many runners and students in the cohort with me as well as educational learning about the coaching techniques of the experienced coaches and doctors presenting the material.